Chedoke Elementary School on Bendamere Ave in the Hamilton West Mountain Mrs. Wilson’s Grade 3 class show their respect and pay tribute to those who lost their lives to give us the freedoms we enjoy today.

Good job kids!

    When my partner and I thought of creating a mural to have Super Crawl patrons find a space and paint what they wanted I knew he had a good idea but I didn’t realize how good it was. We spent two days asking people if they wanted to fill a spot and it didn’t take much convincing. We only had to suggest and people just jumped in, it was awesome. I couldn’t believe so many people wanted to be involved. I heard more than once someone say “this is why I came to the crawl” this alone was more than enough to make me proud.

    Thanks to everyone who contributed to their piece of our master piece.

    Video captured and edited by Red Tie Video –

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